Starter Herd Package

Updated 25/07/2018

All pregnant cow, and calf at foot packages sold.

Please contact us and we can keep you informed of future cow packages for sale.

Cow Hides

Red Devon cow hide shown is a winter coat hide. In summer the cows are smooth coated.

The above hide measures 2.0m x 1.8m from a young heifer.

A hide needs to be ordered in advance to meet your specific requirements, as we only rarely process a hide from very well looked after cattle.

Price $2000 +P&P

Raw Sheep Wool

We have a small flock of sheep which we carefully hand shear ourselves.

All sold for this year.


Our breeding bulls are sold for this year.

We are continuously breeding and rearing bulls for sale, please contact us with your requirements, and we can grow bulls on for you.

Our herd is closed, and our animals are vaccinated for all diseases with vaccines developed.


We can provide beautiful sheepskins, or lambskins from very happy sheep.

These need to be ordered in advance.

Price $200 +P&P

Photos show a full sized adult sheepskin

Red Devons are traditionally a horned breed to be used with the yoke. The polled gene has been introduced over the last 50 or so years.

We disbud most, but not all of our horned cattle at a couple of weeks old, if you would like your cattle’s horns left untouched please let us know.

We prefer the temperament and conformation of the horned Red Devon and wish to preserve this original variant.

Fertile Eggs

Monte Pahu Croyde grazing at 18 months old. (average calf birth weight =32kg in 2018)

We have brown shaver hens, and two cockerels running with the flock (one black orpington x araucana, one sussex x shaver).

Eggs are $2 each, or $20 per dozen subject to availability.

Please order in advance.

These can only be collected from the farm.

Pictured are two R2 bulls next to our R3 bull, Monte Pahu Charles

(his average calf birth weight =34kg over mature cows in 2018)


Call us to discuss your breeding female requirements.

We do not sell crossbred animals, four day old calves, or 80+kg weaners.

If you want those classes of stock, please contact your local cattle market.

Left: Hogget sheepskin, (cream) 112cm x60cm across centre. Very thick pile.Slightly misshapen $150 +P&P

Right: coloured   (cream and browns) lambskin

100cmx56cm across centre

$200 +P&P

Left: lambskin 80cmx59cm. Very soft.

$200 +P&P